New Jersey Devils

QSAO’s Insights around the NHL: Offseason Edition – How two of the NHL\’s busiest franchises look ahead of the 2020-21 Season

As we progress further into the offseason, the NHL landscape begins to settle. With so much uncertainty regarding various aspects of the game we once knew so well, teams need contingency plans to avoid taking a step back next season. Teams like the New York Islanders & Tampa Bay Lightning are already looking at cap overages with outstanding RFA contracts to sign, while franchises like the Colorado Avalanche boast an exemplary cap structure, allowing them to not only keep their contending roster intact but also add a few more high-value pieces to their lineup. In the second instalment of QSAO’s Insights Around the NHL: Offseason Edition, Constantine Maragos breaks down why the Colorado Avalanche are this offseason’s big winners and how the New Jersey Devils can best utilize their roster space.

2019 NHL Draft Retrospective

The 2019 NHL Draft has come and gone, with teams looking to stock up their prospect pools for a brighter future or make immediate changes for next season (or sometimes both). In this article, I’m going to analyze the biggest winners, biggest losers, and give my take on the biggest moves & surprises made at this year’s NHL Draft.