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Predicting the NFL Quarterback Carousel: Free Agents and Trade Targets

With veterans potentially on the move, there is no shortage of options for teams looking to improve under center. In Part One of this series, we took a look at the NFL\’s quarterback-hungry teams and the probability they go in a new direction this offseason while assigning many of them some of the draft\’s best quarterbacks. Now, we\’ll take a look at the trade and free-agent candidates.

Predicting the NFL Quarterback Carousel: Team Fits and Draft Targets

Though the NFL game has changed over the years, this postseason was a reminder that quarterback play reigns supreme. Already, this offseason’s deals alone would make for an unusually active NFL quarterback carousel, remarkably, the league is just getting started. Over the next two articles, we’ll take a look at the candidates and try to find the best matches amongst an unprecedented amount of job-openings. In this article, we’ll break down which teams are in line for a change and which teams could replenish their QB ranks at the 2021 NFL Draft.

Learning the soccer transfer market through text analytics

With soccer’s January transfer window set to open in a matter of days, rumours about potential blockbuster transfers are already brewing. Given the chaotic nature of this past summer’s transfer window amidst a global pandemic, there was no shortage of uncertainty and speculation in the market. In this QSAO article, analyst Rylen Sampson uses text data from various soccer blogs to determine the legitimacy of various transfer sagas from this past summer and makes predictions for January’s transfer window.