Road to the Show: Identifying factors that lead to success in the MLB

As we look into the present state of our favourite team – the Toronto Blue Jays, we hope to use a form of this popular sabermetric analysis to find a silver lining amid both the team’s poor performance over the past seasons and the delayal of the whole MLB 2020 season due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the Blue Jays’ roster and farm system are stacked with rookies who show great potential – at least that’s what we, as fans, choose to believe. To confirm our hopes for the team’s future, we have chosen to determine which MLB Rookie stat serves as the greatest indicator for career success in the league. We will use Python and its BeautifulSoup, numpy, and pandas libraries to create models based on Machine Learning methods which will reveal important correlations, validate our results, and ultimately, be capable of predicting the future of the Toronto Blue Jays.