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Does the MLB Home Run Derby affect second half performance?

As the halfway mark of the MLB season rolls around, baseball and sports fans alike look forward each year to the ever-entertaining evening that is the Home Run Derby. The goal is simple; hit the most home runs. Despite the widespread celebration of the event, some critics bring up the so-called “Curse of the Home Run Derby” every year. In this article, we will determine if there is any truth to this myth or if we can simply enjoy watching our favourite players participate without worry.

Did the Rays misuse “Cybermetrics” when removing Blake Snell?

By now you have probably heard that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the 2020 World Series Champions. In past World Series-clinching games, the defining moment is usually the result of a game-changing home run, a timely strikeout or clutch individual performance. Unfortunately, this year’s was all about the clutch performance that could have been. In this article, QSAO Analyst Nic Osanic breaks down the Rays’ decision to pull Blake Snell from Game Six of the World Series.