Throwing by the Numbers: Data-based pitching success stories

As we’ve seen, there are many kinds of adjustments that pitchers can make to improve their performance. Some pitchers may change their arm slot, find new grips, or alter other elements of their delivery. In the end, there is a good chance that every pitcher can find subtle ways to improve no matter how good they already are. In the final instalment of The Art of Pitching, QSAO Analyst Nic Osanic investigates examples of pitchers decreasing the usage of their sinker and 2-Seamer in-favour of other pitches.

Throwing by the Numbers: An analytical take on the art of pitching

Pitching philosophy in baseball has long been a game of conventional wisdom. This philosophy always seemed to make sense as the lower the pitch, the easier it is to swing over the top and hit it on the ground. As more data has become available in recent years, batters have started to adjust. As the MLB’s data-driven pitcher/batter pendulum constantly swings in response to such change, one must wonder how traditional attitudes towards fastball locations affect the modern-day MLB pitcher. In QSAO’s latest series of articles, analysts Nic Osanic takes a deeper look into the art of pitching.

In search of similarity: Finding comparable NHL players

By Owen Kewell The following is a detailed explanation of the work done to produce my public player comparison data visualization tool. If you wish to see the visualization in action it can be found at the following link, but I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue reading to understand exactly what you’re looking at:!/vizhome/PlayerSimilarityTool/PlayerSimilarityTool …

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What\’s a Corsi Anyway?: An Intro to Hockey Analytics

By Owen Kewell, Scott Schiffner, Adam Sigesmund (@Ziggy_14), Anthony Turgelis (@AnthonyTurgelis) Advanced statistics is an area that has recently started to pick up steam and shift into the mainstream focus in hockey over the past decade. Many NHL teams now employ full-time analytics staff dedicated to breaking down the numbers behind the game. So, what makes analytics …

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Advanced Baseball Stats for Casual Baseball Fans

By Anthony Turgelis We’ve all seen Moneyball. If you haven’t seen Moneyball, go see Moneyball, it’s on Netflix. The ‘Moneyball Revolution’ within baseball has shaken up the game, and changed the way that executives in baseball are looking at the game. This will be an intro to some of the stats, metrics, and concepts that …

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