Predicting the winner of the Stanley Cup: How hard can it be?

Predicting anything in sports is near impossible as factors such as injuries and human error prevent us from being able to create a consistently accurate model of what is and isn’t going to happen in the future. However, year after year there are endless new programs, breakthroughs that usually for a limited time are able to correctly predict to some measure a winner or star player… Upcoming in April (or what was supposed to be, postponed now because of COVID-19) is the NHL playoffs, a fan favourite fantasy sport among sports fans. A very big strategy in these fantasy leagues are to pick players from the NHL team you think is going to win the Stanley Cup. So, I tasked myself with creating an NHL predictor program using Python with the help of Numpy and Pandas, to predict which team in the NHL will become Stanley Cup winners, to give myself that edge and crown myself victorious over my peers.