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With the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship approaching, our Nic Osanic breaks down Team Canada, Team Finland, and the rest of Group A.

Since the 2009 introduction of pitch tracking boxes such as FoxTrax airing on MLB broadcasts, umpires have been under the microscope. In the past, bad umpire calls were chalked up as “part of the game” and brought a seemingly needed “human element” to a game that has since been dominated by numbers. However, nowadays, perfection is the expectation. Manager challenges and replay reviews have removed — but also corrected — the influence that field umpires have on the game.

As the 2021 MLB season propels full speed out of its third month, we are here with an important look at the numbers behind one of the record-breaking events happening across the league. Yes, it’s about pitching; no, it’s not about “sticky stuff”… It’s about the fact that MLB pitchers have had seven incredible outings in which the Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, and LA Dodgers have amassed a total of 0 hits (yes, that’s twice for some teams).

After another disastrous postseason effort from the Leafs, we take a look at some of the moves GM Kyle Dubas should be looking at in a summer with all eyes on him. Known as an GM who takes pride in analytics, we try to match Dubas and the Leafs with difference-makers for the 2021-22 season.

The Premier League is arguably the most popular soccer league in the world. Each season, the main point of contention is which team comes out on top after 38 games. In our last article, Learning the soccer transfer market through text analytics, we explored a facet of using text data to provide insights in soccer. This time around, we pivot our research to expand how text data may play a role in an evolving analytics scene. In this article, we use text data to predict the 2020-21 Premier League standings.

The 2020-21 NHL season has posed various challenges for its players, few of which impact anyone more than members of this year\’s rookie crop. In this QSAO series, we look at this year’s crop of the NHL rookie race — who’s excelling, who’s not, and who’s surprised us so far this season. In the series’ piece, we’ll look at some of the NHL’s freshmen from North and West Divisions.