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The place to find out how to break into the Sports Analytics Industry, or Sports Business in general. Here you will find a list of jobs and other events to help connect you to executives in the industry. QSAO prides itself in providing the best outlets for our readers to gain insight into the sports industry. Our operations team is diligently working towards scoping out the best opportunities for our loyal fans through monthly updates to this section.

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Upcoming Events & Job Openings

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Past Job Postings and Events:

University of Toronto Sports Industry Conference 2021 — March 20-21st, 2021: The University of Toronto Sports and Business Association (UTSB) is hosting its 10th annual Sports Industry Conference, continuing its forward-thinking conversations by bringing brilliant leaders and young professionals together to network, learn, and discuss the current sports business, innovation, and performance landscapes. TSIC2021 will cover 14 unique and innovative panel topics over the course of 2 full-days with self-scheduled networking meetings with other attendees and professionals! With past speakers from a wealth of esteemed sports organizations, you do not want to miss this excellent opportunity. Click the link above to learn more about the conference or buy tickets.

SABR Virtual Analytics Conference — March 11-14th, 2021: Early registration is now open for the SABR Virtual Analytics Conference! The conference brings together the top minds in the baseball analytics community to discuss, debate, and share insightful ways to analyze and examine the great game of baseball. The conference consists of research presentations and esteemed guest speakers, career development sessions led by experienced sports professionals, and industry networking opportunities Students will also have the opportunity for skill acquisition and development, including sessions on how to work with baseball-related data sets as well as databasing and SQL. In the link above you can also find applications to present your own research projects, as well as various research awards and scholarships. Be sure to check out this exciting opportunity!

2021 Ivey Sports Leadership Conference — January 29-30th, 2021: Exploring the theme of “Leadership Through Crisis,” ISLC 2021 will bring the stories and insight from leaders who have been at the forefront of implementing positive change in the sports industry. Click the above link to learn more about how students can keep updated with event announcements, speaker reveals, and their case competition.

SportsTechX FootballTech Report 2020 Presentation — December 3rd, 2020: SportsTechX recently released its first-ever Football Tech report, which outlines the biggest trends and insights from the Football analytics sphere. The report (which you can find here) details which startups are making waves in the industry, as well as delivers an inside scoop as to what the football world’s biggest leagues and clubs are doing to stay ahead of their competition. If you’re interested in attending the presentation, be sure to follow the title link!

Sportlogiq Job Opening – Scrum Master (Product Development, Montréal, QC):If you would like the opportunity to work with one of the leaders in the sports AI companies across multiple sports, then Sportlogiq is the perfect opportunity to do so. If you are someone who is passionate about Agile Principles and you like to lead a team, Scrum Role Master is the perfect position. Join the Sportlogiq Engineering team and help contribute to the success of their revolutionary products and AI technologies. For more information on the position, check out the application link above.

Ohio State Sports Analytics Conference 2020 — November 13th, 2020: OSU’s first-ever Sports Analytics Conference, with guests from organizations such as the Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Penguins and OSU Athletics Personnel!

Stats Perform Launches Call For Proposals For 2021 Pro Forum – November 9th, 2020: Would you like the opportunity to work with historical Ligue 1 Uber Eats Tracking Data? StatsPerform is accepting project applications for their 2021 Pro Forum on March 24, 2021. Open project applications revolving around event & tracking data, as well as club-led proposals from industry leaders such as Atlanta United & Red Bull Salzburg are currently being accepted. Projects will be evaluated based on innovation, relevance and application, judged by industry experts from across the world, from clubs such as Manchester City, Toronto FC and VfB Stuttgart. For more information on this incredible opportunity, follow the application link above.

Queen\’s Geometric Sports Analytics Seminar — Monday, October 19th, 2:00-3:30pm (EST): Dr. William Spearman (Liverpool FC Lead Data Analyst), lauded as \”Liverpool\’s secret weapon,\” Dr. Spearman earned his PhD from Harvard in 2014, studying particle physics and the mass and width of the Higgs Boson. An excellent opportunity to hear from one of the most esteemed professionals in the sports analytics industry.

Ted Rogers Sports Conference 2019: ACCELERATE – February 8-10th, 2019 – Toronto, ON

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference – March 1-2nd 2019 – Boston, MA

QSIC x QCEI MLSE Case Competition Info Session – November 12th, 2018: Case competition to be held on November 19th at Queen’s University.

Champtrax — Sports Analyst (2018): To learn more about the role, contact Elias Anderson on LinkedIn.

Toronto Blue Jays, Baseball Research Analyst (2018(

Toronto Blue Jays, Baseball Operations Internships (2018)

Analyst, Hockey Operations – Boston Bruins (2018)

Toronto Blue Jays – Intern, Baseball Operations, Analytics & Scouting (Oct. 2017)